Babies And Holidays

Taking a baby on holiday can be a bit of a stressful time, especially if you have had the unlucky draw in that your baby is a bit of a handful. If your baby is not the quietest baby in the land you may find yourself drawing more attention to yourself more than necessary.


This will be the worst part of the holiday that’s for certain. If you have a noisy baby and are travelling by train, plane or bus, you may find yourself disturbing other people and generally being a nuisance. I for one hate it when I have to sit next to a noisy baby, in fact it’s probably the worst thing in the world to me. But is their a solution to the problem? Maybe. You may be able to bring something in your baby arsenal to keep your child from disturbing others. Things like a dummy, baby toys or anything that can distract the baby would most likely be the best things to use. Distraction is the best option to keep your child from causing a ruckus.


So what do you do when you’re there? There are many ways to keep yourself entertained, remember also that the baby will be coming with you too! There will be no babysitting on this trip, I doubt you would trust whoever is there anyway. You can still sit by the side of the pool and relax, if your partner is there with you you can just take it in turns to relax whilst one of you looks after him.

Travelling with the baby doesn’t have to be too stressful, just make sure you pack your baby arsenal well!

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