The Wonders Of Devon: Countryside and Coastline

You don’t have to fly abroad to have yourself a good time do you? A lot of people that I know don’t think that holidaying in the UK is the same, but you can most definitely have as much fun. The wondrous areas of the UK can be as different as night and day.

From the woodlands to the beautiful beaches of Cornwall, The Lake District to The Highlands, every area of the UK has a different landscape that is both scenic and beautiful. So why not take advantage of that and holiday in a completely different area of the country? One fantastic place I suggest you visit is Devon. The infinite countryside rolling into the distance is breathtakingly beautiful, as you will see from some of the photos that I post here.


Devon is a county that has the bonus of not only having beautiful countryside and greenery, but also for having amazing beaches and coastline. In some places the coastline and countryside meet, to make some amazing imagery.


So who says England doesn’t have any sights to see? Not only do you have these great areas to explore, there are lots more things to do! When I last went on holiday in the UK, I actually decided on taking on some adventure activities in Devon, I had a fantastic time coasteering and surfing. One of my favourite activities was actually surf rafting. I took on the waves and the rocks in a dingy full of people!


There’s more to do than just that though, you can explore caves along the Devon coastline, jump off cliffs into the sea (not too high of course, but high enough to be scary!) and have a whole lot of fun. There are also chances to go kayaking, surfing and more, this is just with Active Escapes.

If you fancy going further afield there are other companies that do Jet ski’s, speedboats and even pedalos! There’s nothing like drifting through the baby blue sea.

Aswell as activities there are lots of sights to see in Devon, the Valley Of The Rocks being one of them aswell as many nature reserves and historical areas. ┬áThere are some old railways such as the South Devon Railway, that still has and operating steam train! Have a look online at the different places and activities you can do in Devon, I think you’ll be surprised.

Just make sure if you’re doing sea activities that you go in the late summer, those Atlantic waters can be very cold and take a long time to warm up through the summertime.

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