December, 2012

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Somerset Lovin’

Following on from my last post, I thought i’d talk about Somerset a bit more. I’ve lived here for several years so I like to say I know a bit about the place. Somerset is my Jewel of the South West and a fantastic location to take a holiday or day out.

The Land of the Summer People in old English times is full of sun-swept meadows so you can enjoy the weather and sights. Somerset, originally known as Somerton due to the allure of the place at that certain time of year.

The Quantock Hills close to Bridgewater are fantastic, these beautiful hills stretch out toward the Bristol Channel. You can see wales across the channel. The Quantock Hills lovely wooded areas and land filled with rich variants of animals and plants.

There’s also a great place to stay at the foot of the Quantocks, The Carew Arms. The Carew Arms is a grade 3 listed building due to it being so old. It has quite a lot of it’s original features still in tact and many of them remain untouched in case of damaging its historic heritage.

No only does Somerset have a lovely countryside, there are many seaside locations to visit aswell! You have Weston super Mare and the Grand Pier to visit, where you can swim in the nice brown sea. If your looking for medieval villages or castles, come on down to somerset!