January, 2014

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Decisions For Your Holiday

Holiday decisions can always be difficult, especially if you have children. Most parents may find themselves asking “where are we going this year?” and the answer is usually “who knows?”. So why not try something a bit different this year?

There are many interesting things that have spawned up over the last decade, hybrids of activities we used to do regulally. Camping has always been a good fun holiday for the family, but now we have all kinds of different variants. Camping is fun, but there is a new cat in town.. Glamping.

I came across glamping recently when I discovered The Popup Hotel who are renound for their luxury retreat accommodation. The website pretty much says it all and it looks like a fantastic treat. Maybe not a family orientated holiday, but luxury camping looks fantastic. The tents are huge, with wicker flooring and 4 poster beds, how can you go wrong? Apparently they also serve beautiful food and their venue is at many locations.

The popup hotel usually erects its tents at many famous festivals, Glastonbury, Reading and they even do racing events. So if you’re looking for something a bit special, why not try a bit of Glamping,