December, 2013

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Getting The Right Equipment For The Outdoors

Camping can be a great way to have fun, but it can also be a terrible experience if you don’t take the right equipment with you! Making sure you are well prepared and have a list of items that you need to take you should be ok. But what if you don’t have those items? Well, you’re going to have to find out in advance so that you can go out and purchase the necessary Camping, Hiking & Mountaineering gear.

The way that I make sure I have everything I need is I play out a day in my head, I note down what items I am using in my “imaginary day” and then I pop onto Mac Eoin and purchase what I need. Making sure you go through a day will at least get you remembering the vitals. It’s very rare not to forget at least one thing so keep your eyes peeled!

Camping can be really fun, but if you do forget something that you depend upon, it can be a real nightmare. If you have a vehicle, you can always go out and grab what you need I suppose, but if it’s left at home, it’s a waste of money!