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The Top Reasons For Visiting Dubai On Your Next Holiday

Dubai is a great holiday destination with a wide range of fun activities to enjoy. You will be able to live in one of the grandest metropolises on the planet, and have a combination of tradition, luxury, and modernism at your fingertips. It is a great place for shopping, playing in the rediculously warm sea,, enjoying nightlife and luxury hotels. You’ll feel like you are in a futuristic London.

It can be overwhelming for first-time visitors because right there in front of you is the tallest building on earth, futuristic skylines and an amazing metro system. But it is not only about skyscrapers and shopping, there are numerous activities that you can enjoy in Dubai. That is why i’ve decided to present you the best reasons why you should visit Dubai in 2017:

1. The Cuisine

Dubai is the perfect place if you want to try world food whether it be modern or traditional ones. There are numerous international offerings such as Italian or Mediterranean, but I recommend you try their own cuisine, because it is something quite special.

There are lots of local restaurants with great quirks, such as Al Hadheera, a restaurant in the desert where you will eat amazing Arabic food made from the freshest produce. Of course, you can also find different fast foods and burgers similar to what you would get in the western world.

Dubai is modern in every sense of the word, for instance if you are a vegan, you should go to Bistro, a great place where you can enjoy food without dairy and meat products.

2. Growing Art Scene

Dubai is also recognized as a place where you can enjoy an artistic flow from numerous artists. If you cannot find the what you like there are various art galleries and exhibits to try. Local information services should help you find your way but you could always visit Translation Companies in Dubai if you are having trouble understanding the language.

There are different kinds of art galleries with numerous burgeoning art scenes that you must look at if you want to expand your knowledge. The Dubai Design District is a great community where you can nurture and promote your talent. There are also great design festivals such as Design Days and Art Dubai that bring international collectors and artists into the heart of the city.

3. The Beaches

If you love to feel the sand beneath your feet and water that feels like a hot bath, you have to choose the right place. Dubai is a city where you wont experience a shortage of sun, so keep that in mind before you decide to visit it.

Most beaches are owned by resorts, which mean that you cannot use them if you’re not a guest. However, there are amazing free beaches such as Jumeirah public beach and Umm Suqeim beach, from which you can watch amazing Burj Al Arab while getting a sun tan.

Dubai is a great place if you want a different experience from the Western world and to try something different. It is great because whatever your interests are, you will be able to find what you were looking for. From summer skiing in biggest artificial, indoor skiing site, to amazing beaches, and what’s most important, you can do everything on the same day.

Why Learning Another Language Is Important

No matter how you look at it, learning a new language will be a great advantage for anyone. With how much  I travel, it’s actually going to be very beneficial to me. Whether you are considering a career in translation, or simply want to enrich your life, introducing a new language to your life can be very rewarding and profitable. Not only can you enjoy travels to the country of your dreams, you may even be able to pay your own way by acting as a translator.


For years, scientists said that you could not do anything to increase your own IQ. The classic wisdom concerning IQ was that each person is born with a set IQ, and nothing will increase that number.

However, studies done over the last two decades have shown that there are 2 ways to increase your IQ. Those two ways are to learn to play an instrument and to learn a new language. This actually seems to make sense, because music is, itself, a separate language, with its own unique symbols.

Babies that learn sign language, according to a study done in 1989, have an IQ about 12 points higher than their peers.

School children who study a foreign language in elementary school also score higher on IQ tests. They also score higher on other types of academic testing, such as the Ross test which calculates cognitive functioning.

Bloom’s taxonomy, which is the gradation of abilities in relation to mastery of information, ranks the most advanced cognitive skill as that of being able to evaluate information. Students who have had the longest training in foreign languages rank higher, more consistently, than students who have not learned a foreign language.

Adults and Language

Even adults can increase their IQ through learning a foreign language. For many years, it was believed that only children could improve with the exposure to other languages. While it may be easier at younger ages, adults, too, can actually gain IQ points by learning an instrument or a language.

While most studies have focused on the benefits of language studies at an early age, studies done in the last decade have proven that adults, too, can benefit from these studies.

In studies done on people who have evidenced onset of Alzheimer’s, those who engage their brains actively in complex linguistic tasks such as learning a new language fare better than their counterparts who do not. Learning a new language can keep your brain healthier and slow down the progress of dementia.

Employment in Translation

In fact, many adults have found a whole new career in the field of translation. Newly developed skills with a foreign language are very marketable in today’s global economy. Many companies want someone who can translate website information or prepare newsletters and emails in another language. In addition, most police departments, hospitals, court systems, and school systems have intense need for translators in various languages.

When you combine the benefits to your brain with the added employment opportunities, learning a new language makes a lot of sense. You can be smarter, healthier, and richer – what could be wrong with that?