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How To Hire A Truck Or Van To Take Abroad

Hiring a car or van to take abroad can be a bit of a nightmare. Most truck rental companies will have insurance that just doesn’t cover travelling abroad, so usually it’s a bit of a special case when you ask if you can take it on the Eurotunnel or a ferry over to calais. At the end of the day when it comes to van hire it is all about trust. If you are a trustworthy candidate you are more likely to be given permission.

There are obviously fears that one might never see the van or truck again, France is the first stop interconnected to the whole of mainland Europe you could easily drive through to Russia if you wanted to and good luck to any rental company looking to chase you down and get their van back!

Here are some tips to help you get permission:-

Have a good reason and provide evidence. 

One great way to improve trust, is to show them why you need the van in the first place. For instance, a friend of mine hired a luton van recently and took it over to France to pick up an arcade machine haul that they had found in a run down house. He provided correspondence with the owner of the property, pictures of the machine and more. There were no doubts exactly what the van would be used for.

Be A Law Obiding Citizen

As long as you haven’t been in trouble with the law before, being a model citizen always helps. Well. I doubt they would lend you a van if your a renound thief!

Have Past Rentals With Them

If you’ve already hired a van from them before, you will be much more trustworthy in their eyes. Perhaps you could hire one out for a few hours a week or two before your trip to perhaps gain some trust.


Either way, if your looking to hire a van to go abroad, make sure you do the groundwork and keep your nose clean!