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Beach Holiday Preperations

Planning on taking the family away for a lovely Summer beach holiday? With record temperatures everyone is getting out and about! I live right next to the beach, a little art display called “Dismaland” has just popped up in an old lido here. But I still like to travel a few hours south to other beaches when I’m taking the kids. But one thing I always remember is to take the essentials with you.


If you have a long drive to the beach, keeping the kids entertained is essential to your sanity. Cards and puzzle books are a great way to keep them occupied before your reach your destination. Once your actually at the beach, make sure you bring the classic buckets and spades, goggles for swimming and snorkels! One thing my kids absolutely love is Body boarding. This might not be appropriate for young kids but when I bought a couple of body boards a few years ago they were addicted!

Sun Tan Lotion

We all know that the sun can be deadly if you don’t respect it. Sun tan lotion is extremely important, not just for you. But especially your kids, the little ones should be protected before even stepping foot in the sun so that their young skin won’t burn. This remember, is because it takes 10 to 15 minutes for sun tan lotion to start working. Adults could probably wait until they get to the beach to apply the sun cream as our skin has slightly more natural protection from the sun from years of exposure.



Staying hydrated is also a very important factor for you and especially your children when in the sun. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and make sure you have spares for the kids, although they will probably be after some sort of fizzy pop or cola. Dehydration can cause headaches and nausea so always look out for these symptoms on a hot day.


Kit your children out with caps or hats, anything with a lip that will protect them from the sun. reducing the rays from hitting the head or the face can lower the temperature of your head by 10 degrees or more! If the children make a lot of fuss and aren’t really enthusiastic about wearing hats then you could always bring a windbreaker for the beach which would provide a bit of shade. You could even use a parasol or large beach umbrella to give you a place to cool down in the sea breeze.

Towels of Course!

Towels are a necessity. If you’re going down to the beach on a hot day, you are more than likely going for a swim, You’re going to need something to hide in when putting on your swimming trunks, and also for drying your children and yourself of course! Towels can also be useful for lying down on over the sand; it will stop you getting sand stuck to your back or front. Sand can get very hot with the sun pelting down on it directly and having a towel to absorb some of the heat will help make it that slight bit more comfortable.

Going to the beach can be a lot of fun, just keep your children safe from the sun and have a good time!


Making The Best Of Your Seaside Holiday

Millions of people plan an annual holiday to the beach. In fact, some lucky people get to go to the beach every weekend, or even during the week. For those who live near the sea, rest assured that we are all jealous. For those who must pack up and travel to reach the beach, here are some ways to make the best of your seaside holiday.



First of all, be aware that there is a great variety in the types of lodging you can find at the beach. Chain hotels come to mind, of course, because of the ability to buy beachfront property. But, don’t overlook the smaller businesses. Many bed and breakfast establishments can get you closer to the beach and give you more privacy, too. These are usually cottages that have been inherited but not lived in, and the families have updated them as rentals for people on holiday. They usually cater at least one meal a day, and great restaurants and cafes are within easy walking distance. Some of these B&Bs even provide bicycles or a golfing cart for residents.



Now you may think that you don’t need so much equipment to go to the beach. That is true, but the items you need are crucial to your health. The beach is a fun place to visit, but you have to protect yourself and loved ones from overexposure to the sun.

Take waterproof suntan lotion, and wear SPF 15 lotion all the time. You will still tan, but you’ll be protected from sunburn and the resulting complications and threat to your health from skin cancer. Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you go out in the sun so that it has time to soak in. Then, reapply it every couple of hours for the best protection.

You should also take a hat and sunglasses, too. Your eyes can get sunburned, and it is very painful. Also, overexposure to the sun can contribute to cataracts. A hat will deflect direct sun from the top of your head, reducing overheating.

Water bottles are crucial at any outdoor activity, because dehydration is a real health threat. Stay hydrated o the beach, and you’ll have more energy to participate in beach activities. You’ll also be less likely to develop headaches.

Take talcum powder with you. If you hate tracking sand into the car or hotel, you can sprinkle talcum powder on your feet and legs and rub gently. The sand will wipe right off!

What To Do?


Do you ever wonder what to do at the beach? Sure, you can get up early and go beach combing, gathering any shells and starfish that the gulls haven’t gotten yet. You can bike, fly a kite, or just sunbathe. But don’t forget surfing! These days, you can take Cornish surfing lessons at any beach. You don’t have to be an athlete, and people of any age can learn to paddle out into the water and let the waves wash them back to shore. Surfing lessons are a great way to enjoy your seaside holiday.

The Wonders of Bude

Bude, located in north Cornwall, England, is a seaside gem. Its shore is on the Celtic Sea, which is adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. While Bude, historically, was a safe harbor for ocean-going vessels, it has also been a popular tourist spot since the Victorian Era.

The Bude Formation

If you walk the South West Coast Path, you’ll pass through Bude itself, and on to the cliffs that gave the town its name. These cliffs are made of a unique strata that is only found in Bude. All other coasts in Cornwall are made of granite or slate, or even of metamorphic rock. However, in Bude, the coasts and cliffs are made of sandstone that is categorized as carboniferous. This sand, and the cliffs themselves, were mined by area farmers for the inherent fertilizer. The Bude Formation is a result of natural erosion and mining, and are quite a spectacular sight for locals and tourists alike.

Ship Wrecks

Have you ever seen a shipwreck? There is one in Bude. At the base of the cliffs, many ships have met their doom. The Bencoolen is one of many ships that wrecked in that dangerous surf, and the figurehead from this 1862 wreck is still on display in the town museum.



You’ll find several different beaches in Bude. Each of them is open to the public, and offer surfing for all skills levels. Right in town, you’ll find the Summerleaze beach and the Crooklets beach. These, of course, offer enjoyable ocean activities within reach of the conveniences of the city. How wonderful it is to leave your comfortable hotel room, or bed and breakfast, stroll down to the beach for the afternoon, and return to a hot tub and well-prepared meal!

Another beach you will enjoy is the Sandymouth Beach. This one is owned and maintained by the National Trust, and offers amazing views of the dramatic cliffs and amazing rock formations. At low tide, there are miles of sand to enjoy as you search for sand dollars and starfish.

Widemouth Bay also has long beaches of nice, clean sand and easy access to the ocean. You can also explore the area all around, because there are many coves and beaches that are not even on the maps.


Outdoor Activities

Bude is well known for its outdoor activities, from surf schools to golfing, fishing, and hiking. In addition, the town of Bude is big enough to provide great shopping opportunities, as well as fine dining. You can also enjoy the Cornish Furry Dance, held every week. There is also a Jazz Festival and the Carnival Week.


Accommodations in Cornwall will fill any traveler’s tastes. You can find Bed and Breakfasts that offer seclusion and even a select menu. These B&Bs each have their own themes and amenities, from private gardens to whirlpool tubs. You can enjoy Victorian elegance, modern living, and anything in between with your selection of your B&B.

The Barns, at Higher Widemouth farm, will give you a peaceful retreat in a rural area. It is only 10 minutes away from the beach, and the great Coastal Footpath is a short drive away. There, you’ll find even more beaches, along with a golf course, shopping, and dining in cafes, restaurants, and bars. Or, if you prefer, you can dine in, because the Barns is self-catering.

The Popup hotel are actually doing their special Barefoot Resort in Cornwall again this year too, so if you fancy taking the plunge and going glamping in the beautiful furnished tents that the pop-up hotel provide, why not head down to Cornwall to have some fun.

There are also very nice cottages available for rental. These will place you in the neighborhood of your choice, with easy access to particular festivals or beaches. You’ll have all the comforts of home, without the housework!

Don’t let Bude fall off of the radar. Enjoy your holiday in this great place.